Automated Stock Analysis Spreadsheet Changelog


March 12, 2023

  • New
    • Added first fiscal year calculation in BACKEND and DASHBOARD tabs.
    • You're now able to change the unit number format for companies on the DASHBOARD, as you can now select between billions, millions, or thousands. This will then be reflected throughout the entire workbook.
    • Added the following line items to the balance sheet to make it more thorough, from the Wisesheets API: Long Term Investments, Deferred Tax Assets, Other Assets, and Other Liabilities. Updated the DASHBOARD and KFS financial statements to reflect this change as well.
    • Added =TTM and =LFY shortcuts for LongTermInvestments, OtherAssets, DeferredTaxAssets, and OtherLiabilities. These shortcut names can be found in the "GUIDE" tab.
  • Updates
    • Made slight formatting and error-catching updates on IS, BS, and CFS tabs. Now works better for companies with less than 10 years of publicly available financial data.
    • Linked IS, BS, and CFS line item names to KFS. This reduces chances of errors.
    • Reduced sheet references on the KFS tab. Items that can be calculated manually without having to reference the IS, BS, or CFS tabs are done so (e.g., gross profit), and are reflected via the workbook's formatting guide.
    • Small header item that tells you what data is being represented as (e.g., "USD in Millions, except per-share data") is now dynamic, based on currency of inputted stock ticker and user-selected unit selector on DASHBOARD tab.
  • Fixed
    • Link on COVER is now clickable.
    • Input cells in column B in IS, BS, and CFS tabs are now editable (although it's recommended that you do not edit them).


February 17, 2023

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