Effortlessly Analyze and Value Stocks With StableBread's Automated Stock Analysis Spreadsheet

With a focus on flexibility and sophistication, this spreadsheet gives you the ability to analyze a company's fundamentals, financial statement trends, and perform accurate valuations all within a single Excel workbook. This entire spreadsheet is almost entirely automated, meaning no manual collection of financial statement data, company information, or any ratios.

In Partnership With Wisesheets

Enhance your stock analysis skills with StableBread's all-encompassing stock analysis spreadsheet, powered by Wisesheets' add-on for instant access to stock financials and company information. Together, you have a powerful value-investing focused automated stock analysis spreadsheet, that ultimately enables you to research more stocks and come to quicker and more informed investment decisions.

Key Features

View the key features of this spreadsheet in the four videos below. Scroll further down the page for additional details!

Summarized Stock Financials & Valuations

View summarized key information, from financial statements, financial ratios, and stock valuation methods.

Financial Statement & Ratio Analysis

Easily analyze financial statements, supplementary financial data, financial ratios, and other growth trends.

Flexible Valuation Input Models

Flexibile valuation input models including the WACC, FCFF (including the FA & NWC schedules), TV, and OE models for all of your valuation models.

Sophisticated Stock Valuation Models

Sophisticated automatic valuation models to help you quickly assess a stock's intrinsic value. Includes 3+ DCF model options, 5+ DDMs, 2 Graham valuation methods, and a Comps model. 

Fundamental Analysis Made Easy

Our spreadsheet is designed to meet the needs of all levels of value investors, from beginner to advanced, and is centered around the articles published on Stablebread. Our spreadsheet will therefore help you with researching and analyzing stocks, as well as being able to estimate the stock's intrinsic value, regardless of the industry or market of the selected company.
Put simply, with our spreadsheet and the Wisesheets add-in, you'll be able to effectively identify high-quality businesses and buy them when the prices are right.

Financial Statements

Up to 10-years of summarized and detailed historical financials for the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement, including TTM and input options for NTM estimates. Additional supplementary financial data not found on the financial statements are calculated as well. 

Sophisticated Valuation Models

Sophisticated and flexible valuation models, to help you identify a stock's intrinsic value range. Offers at least 3 DCF valuation model approaches, 5 DDM valuation methods, Benjamin Graham's old and revised valuation model, and a Comparable Company Analysis model for relative valuation.

Key Financial Ratios

Over 75+ different key ratios for any publicly traded company, shown up to a 10-year period and inclusive of TTM and NTM estimates. Includes ratio names, shortened names, and formulas. Features a threshold input-based pass/fail mechanism that flags good/bad ratios and trends.

Model Explanations

Short but detailed explanations of the spreadsheet's absolute valuation methods, including model descriptions, inputs, assumptions, and formulas. This also extends to the notes and conditional warnings across the model to prevent against analysis and valuation errors.

Dynamic Visuals

Over 35+ custom and dynamic visualization charts for quick and easy interpretation of data. Ability to view YoY and CAGR trends for any key financial or ratio, security comparison charts, summarized visual charts for the key financial statements, analyze valuation models that illustrate the model's outputs, and more.


Over 390+ custom Excel shortcut names for quick and custom analysis purpose. For example, typing "=LFY_Revenue" into any cell will output the company's last fiscal year's annual revenue. This works for any valuation model output, key financial, supplementary financial, or key ratio, specifically for the LFY and TTM.

Spreadsheet Demo Videos

Click on the buttons below to navigate between the different muted playback demos of the spreadsheet. These videos provide a closer look at what each key spreadsheet tab includes, and how to navigate each tab.

Dashboard Overview

Income Statement (IS), Balance Sheet (BS), and Cash Flow Statement (CFS)

Key Financial Statements (KFS)

Key Financial Ratios (KFR)

Free Cash Flow to the Firm (FCFF) | Fixed Assets (FA) | Net Working Capital (NWC)

Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)

Warren Buffett's Owners Earnings

Discounted Cash Flows (DCFs) | Terminal Values (TVs)

Dividend Discount Models (DDMs)

Benjamin Graham Valuation Model

Comparable Company Analysis (COMPS)

DCFs | TVs
Want to see even more images, details, and specifics on how to navigate this spreadsheet? If so, you can view our spreadsheet documentation by clicking on the button below. I've also provided links to the spreadsheet's changelog and roadmap pages below, so you can track our progress and see what's upcoming!

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