Effortlessly Analyze and Value Stocks With StableBread's Automated Stock Analysis Spreadsheet

Professional investors invest thousands in automated stock data collection, aggregation, and crafting sophisticated valuation models. Now, retail investors can tap into the same level of sophistication at a fraction of the cost, without compromising on accuracy!

In Partnership With Wisesheets

We've partnered with Wisesheets to offer instant access to stock financials and company data. Utilizing their Excel and Google Sheets add-ons, we've developed a robust value-investing-focused automated stock analysis spreadsheet. This tool streamlines your research, enabling you to analyze more stocks and make quicker, more informed investment decisions.

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Spreadsheet Models Overview

Preview the Spreadsheet Tabs!
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Access and Analyze Stocks With Precision

Configure and customize data with 5 key input cells on the OVERVIEW tab:

  • Stock Ticker: Input any ticker supported on Yahoo Finance to instantly access company and financial info via the Wisesheets Excel or Google Sheets add-on.
  • Analysis Year: Choose any of the past 10 fiscal years to access financial data for that year, the 10 preceding years, plus the trailing twelve months (TTM).
  • Stock Prices Retrieval: Access live and historical stock prices. Calculate historical ratios/multiples based on fiscal year (FY) or calendar year (CY) formats.
  • Unit Selector: Display financial data in billions, millions, or thousands.
  • Currency Price Conversion: For non-U.S. stock tickers, convert stock price currencies to match financial statement reported data.

Perform Financial Statement and Ratio Analysis

Accelerate your financial statements and ratio analysis with these 5 tabs:

  • Three Financial Statements (IS, BS, CFS): View standardized income statement (IS), balance sheet (BS), and cash flow statements (CFS) over the selected 10-year period, plus the trailing twelve months (TTM). Input estimates for the next twelve months (NTM). Perform vertical and horizontal analysis for any line item.
  • Key Financial Statements (KFS): Consolidates line items from the IS, BS, and CFS onto a single sheet, then calculates supplementary financial data not found in these statements. Also lets you conduct an in-depth growth analysis for any three key financials.
  • Key Financial Ratios (KFR): Calculates ~80 different ratios over the selected 10-year period, plus the TTM and NTM estimates. Enables input of custom pass/fail thresholds to instantly identify quality businesses. Also lets you conduct an in-depth growth analysis for any three key financial ratios as well.

Utilize Comprehensive Valuation Input Models

Enhance your absolute valuation models with these 3 tabs:

  • FCFF | FA | NWC: Calculate free cash flow to the firm (FCFF) for DCF valuation. Input revenue estimates across three growth scenarios and adjust future projections for a detailed financial outlook.
  • BUFFETT OE: Access two formulas for Owners Earnings, as popularized by Warren Buffett, for DCF valuation. Includes six methods within each formula to estimate maintenance CapEx.
  • WACC: Calculates the weighted average cost of capital (WACC), a discount rate option for stock valuations that takes into account the company's overall capital structure.

Value Companies With Sophistication and Confidence

Value any stock with confidence using these 5 dedicated tabs:

  • DCFs | TVs: Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) model with options for forecast period length, FCF method, discount rate, terminal value, mid-year convention, and stub periods. Includes sensitivity data tables as well.
  • DDMs: Offers four Dividend Discount Model (DDM) options: Gordon Growth Model (GGM), Two-Stage DDM, H-Model, and Three-Stage DDM. Also, lets you evaluate the company's dividend growth sustainability and features sensitivity data tables.
  • GRAHAM: Includes both original and revised Benjamin Graham valuation formulas, including a sensitivity data table.
  • COMPS: The Comparable Company Analysis (Comps) model enables you to input up to 10 comparable stock tickers to derive an implied valuation range.
  • VALUATION: Input key market data and model outputs, which are visualized in a football field valuation chart for holistic assessment.

Screen and Compare Companies With Ease

Only pick the best stocks to invest in with these 2 tabs:

  • COMPARISON: Conduct a detailed comparison between the target stock ticker and up to 4 other stock tickers. Analyze differences across ~60 different metrics and assess stock price performances. Custom pass/fail thresholds are also available.
  • SCREENER: Use a dedicated Excel workbook to input up to 1,000 stock tickers and utilize Wisesheets' Screener functionality to generate the screener's database. Customize the screener's operators, values, and run the screener macro for efficient screening.

Improve Your Stock Analysis and Valuation Skills

Become a smarter value investor through our spreadsheet model and documentation:

  • GUIDE: Provides information on spreadsheet requirements, quick debugging tips, best practices, tab descriptions, macros (Excel Version), and cell formatting rules.
  • Video & Written Documentation: ~6+ hours of video documentation and ~30,000+ words of written documentation are provided to help you become a better value investor and use the model to its fullest.

Fundamental Analysis Made Easy

Our spreadsheet is tailored for value investors of all skill levels and offers an effective way to research and analyze stock financials, ratios, and to estimate intrinsic values. Put simply, with our spreadsheet and the Wisesheets add-on, you'll be able to effectively identify high-quality businesses and buy them when the prices are right.

Financial Statements

10 years of standardized historical financials for the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement, with TTM and NTM estimate inputs. Includes supplementary financial data not found in standard financial statements.

Key Financial Ratios

Calculates ~80+ key ratios for a 10-year period, including TTM and NTM estimates. Offers ratio names, abbreviations, and formulas, with a threshold-based pass/fail mechanism for assessing business quality.

Sophisticated Valuation Models

Sophisticated, flexible valuation models to determine a stock's intrinsic value range. Includes DCF, 4 DDM methods, Benjamin Graham's original and revised models, and a Comparable Company Analysis model.

Dynamic Visuals

~45+ custom, dynamic charts for easy data interpretation. Includes YoY and CAGR trend charts for any key financial metric or ratio, charts for financial statements, charts for valuation model outputs, stock price charts, and more.


~440+ custom formula shortcuts for quick, tailored analysis. Shortcuts include company and stock information, financial statements, financial ratios, valuation model outputs, and more.

Documentation & Model Explanations

~6+ hours of video documentation and 30,000+ words of written documentation. The model includes notes and conditional warnings to prevent analysis and valuation errors.

Learn More

You can view our spreadsheet documentation course outline by clicking on the button below. I've also provided links to the spreadsheet's changelog and roadmap pages below, so you can track our progress and see what's upcoming!

What Our Users Are Saying...

Join the hundreds of active users using this spreadsheet template to effortlessly analyze and value stocks.
"Crash course in Excel modeling / valuation / financial analysis / value investing. Well documented (written and video). Highly transparent due to documentation logs. Quality is growing. Version 2.6 is even better than earlier versions. Fast responses in case of any specific questions. Open for feedback."
- Menno R. // Retail Investor
"It keeps getting better. I get good ideas every time I open the template."
- John M. // Retail Investor
"As a long time retail investor, I believe this is the finest product of its kind on the market today. The depth of stock analysis one can conduct with this spreadsheet tool is beyond anything I've seen before, including very expensive dedicated apps. Given the price, I never thought it would be nearly the product it is! The new video/documentation course is outstanding."
- Joseph F. // Retail Investor
"It's very comprehensive and complex, well thought out giving the user a lot of quantitative data to make a judgement whether to invest or not. Overall a brilliant tool saving many hours and building spreadsheets to obtain a similar and probably inferior conclusion.
- Derek B. // Retail Investor

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have any doubts about this spreadsheet template?
Here are some frequently asked questions that may address yours.

Besides a stable internet connection and a working Windows or Mac computer, there are only three items you need:

  1. Microsoft 365 (Excel Version): You must have an active and updated version of Microsoft 365 installed, which includes Microsoft Excel.
  2. Google Account (Google Sheets Version): You need a registered account on Google in order to make a copy and run the spreadsheet.
  3. Subscription to Wisesheets: You must purchase and have an active subscription to Wisesheets. This template relies on data provided via the Wisesheets add-on, so if you don't have an active copy, most financial/customer data won't load.

The Google Sheets version retains ~90-95% of the features found in the more robust Excel version. Here's what's not included in the Google Sheets version:

  1. Excel VBA Macros and Screener Functionality: There are three macros on the Excel version. "Save PDF" and "Auto Fit Text" are optional macros. One lets you save the current sheet as a PDF, the other auto-fits the company description text to fit the size of the cell. The final macro is used to run the screener workbook, which is only available on the Excel version.
  2. Sensitivity Data Tables: Excel has a built-in functionality for data tables, which is particularly useful for valuation models when performing a sensitivity analysis. Google Sheets doesn't natively support these tables, so simpler versions are included and non-essential ones are removed.
  3. Stock Comparison Chart: The Excel version includes a security comparison chart on the COMPARISON tab, allowing you to compare the price performance of up to 5 stock tickers over a selected time frame. Due to performance limitations, this feature is not available in the Google Sheets version.

I would not recommend this spreadsheet template for the three following use cases:

  1. Banking/Financial Services: Because this spreadsheet attempts to standarize the three financial statements, it may not be particularly useful for banking and financial services companies.
  2. Complex/Volatile Financials: This spreadsheet works best for businesses that have a decent track record of performance. No spreadsheet template can really help you analyze complex/volatile businesses with little financial history, especially when it comes to valuations.
  3. Technical Traders: Because this spreadsheet was created by a value investor for value investors, it's likely not the best option out there for technical traders.

Yes. Wisesheets uses the same ticker as Yahoo Finance. If your stock ticker can be found on Yahoo Finance, then it will work with this spreadsheet (with Wisesheets installed).

A basic understanding of Excel and/or Google Sheets will suffice. You don't need an advanced level of understanding to use this spreadsheet. 

By default, the spreadsheet has most tabs protected (which you can unprotect if you want) to avoid the accidental change/deletion of a formula.

The only thing you should have to adjust/edit are the input and dropdown cells, which are clearly defined across the workbook.

Knowledge and experience in security analysis and valuations can improve your use of the spreadsheet, but they are not necessary.

Novice investors will have access to an extensive video and written documentation course upon purchase. The model also incorporates features like status messages, error checking, and conditional formatting to minimize errors

Furthermore, all valuation models are detailed on StableBread within the Value Investing category.

Still have questions? Just contact me!

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