Automated Stock Analysis Spreadsheet Changelog

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July 3, 2023

  • New
    • No new significant updates.
  • Updates
    • Primary update for V1.5 is relying more on Wisesheets data than on =SUM formulas to solve for bottom-line numbers on the 3 financial statements (i.e., net income, total assets, cash flow from operations, etc). This has been reflected on the IS, BS, and CFS tabs, as well as the financials on the KFS and DASHBOARD tabs. This was done to improve the accuracy of the spreadsheet (e.g., revenues minus costs did not always equal net income reported on the company's 10-K, although this was rare and varied depending on the company). I've also used more arrays vs. line-by-line financials to load financial data (via Wisesheets) with fewer formulas/requests. More specifics are below:
      • IS Tab: Reduced Wisesheets API requests by 2 (from 13 to 11). This sheet is more accurate as well now, as you're no longer relying on sum formulas to solve for profitability numbers (e.g., EBITDA, EBIT, Net Income, etc.).
      • BS Tab: Reduced Wisesheets API requests by 17 (from 28 to 11). Again, this sheet is more accurate as well now for total balance numbers (e.g., Total Current Assets, Total Assets, Total Long-Term Liabilities, etc.).
      • CFS Tab: Reduced Wisesheets API requests by 9 (from 20 to 11). Again, this sheet is more accurate as well now for total cash flow numbers (e.g., Net Operating Cash Flow, Net Investing Cash Flow, Net Financing Cash Flow, etc.).
      • KFS Tab: IS, BS, and CFS section's formulas all reference their respective sheets now, instead of relying on sum formulas. Formatting has been reflected accordingly.
      • DASHBOARD Tab: The IS, BS, and CFS section's formulas all reference the KFS tab now, instead of relying on sum formulas. Formatting has been reflected accordingly.
  • Fixed
    • There were some "#VALUE!" errors that were present on the KFS tab, for companies with less than 10 years of historical financial data. This did not cause any computation errors, it was more of a visual error that is now hidden.
    • "Cash Flow Statement: Change in Cash & Cash Balances" chart on the DASHBOARD tab no longer shows zero-dollar values (as "0"), instead it just remains hidden/blank.
    • Updated stock prices not displaying to show as "N/A" (previously was just outputting an error). This will only show, for reference, if a stock hadn't been publicly traded for the last 10 years.
    • Reduced the number of visual errors on the DDMs tab, particularly for companies with little or no dividend history


June 25, 2023

  • New
    • Added the 'Exchange' name, now found on the DASHBOARD tab, on cell J39.
    • Added the following Excel shortcuts (can be accessed by typing "=" into any cell): Company_Volume, Company_AvgVolume, Company_Exchange, Company_ExchangeShortName, Company_Currency, Company_Country, GICS_Sector, GICS_Industry, ISIN, CIK, CUSIP
    • Stock prices and stock chart (on the DASHBOARD tab) now function for non-US stock tickers supported by Wisesheets. Note that the security comparison chart only supports stock tickers traded on U.S stock exchanges, so it will remain blank/gray if you use a non-US stock ticker.
    • For easier accessibility, added the Spreadsheet Quick Debugging and Spreadsheet Best Practices sections from the documentation page to the GUIDE tab.
  • Updates
    • 'Stock Price (Last Trading Day of the Year)' on the KFS tab now uses =WISEPRICE instead of =STOCKHISTORY. This will ensure all price ratios function correctly (e.g., for the price-to-earnings ratio). The functionality on how this all works is on the BACKEND tab, if you're curious.
    • Updated Excel shortcut guide. Now there are 407 custom excel shortcuts (e.g., if you want to know a company's last twelve months accounts payable balance, you'd select any cell and type '=TTM_AccountsPayable').
    • Because of how Wiesheets dates are outputted from their API, the stock price chart had a small visual tweak (with the dates no longer being in "MMM YY" format).
    • Reduced API calls from Wishesheets and sped up spreadsheet by doing the following:
      • Updated 'Dividend Per Share' on the KFS tab to be one array function, vs. 10 individual formulas.
      • Updated 'Exchange,' 'Exchange Short Name,' 'Currency,' and 'Country' on the DASHBOARD tab to only be one array function call, vs. 4 individual formulas.
      • Updated 'ISIN,' 'CIK,' and 'CUSIP' on the DASHBOARD tab to only be one array function call, vs. 3 individual formulas.
      • Updated 'Sector' and 'Industry' on the DASHBOARD tab to only be one array function call, vs. 2 individual formulas.
  • Fixed
    • Percent growth formula for revenue on the DASHBOARD tab was missing, now fixed.
    • DCF discount rate was accidently unlinked, it has now been re-linked.
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June 9, 2023

  • New
    • N/A.
  • Updates
    • Made IS, BS, and CFS data from Wisesheets load as ranges (aka arrays) for every line item, significantly reducing API requests and load time.
    • Reduced API request for date function array to be only one request.
    • Renamed "Refresh Data" macro button added in V1.2 to "Refresh Dates," as all it does is refresh the date API call from Wisesheets, so you know the most recent fiscal year for the company. Also made slight adjustment to macro code.
  • Fixed
    • Basic EPS and Diluted EPS were rounding with the unit selector on the IS tab, which should not be the case (as these are per-share values). This has been fixed.


May 24, 2023

  • New
    • Added a "Refresh Data" macro button, found on the DASHBOARD tab. This will (1) unprotect the BACKEND tab (if protected), (2) refresh the WISESHEET date values (which drives the correct analysis year date, amongst other dates), then protect the BACKEND tab (which is its default state). This should speed up the spreadsheet in the case of '#BUSY!' and/or '#CALC!' errors
  • Updates
    • Significantly reduced '#Value!' and '#N/A!' errors across workbook, which was more common in the case of companies with limited data.
  • Fixed
    • Comparable financials were not rounding correctly if you used billions or thousands, with the unit selector on the DASHBOARD tab.


March 12, 2023

  • New
    • Added first fiscal year calculation in BACKEND and DASHBOARD tabs.
    • You're now able to change the unit number format for companies on the DASHBOARD, as you can now select between billions, millions, or thousands. This will then be reflected throughout the entire workbook.
    • Added the following line items to the balance sheet to make it more thorough, from the Wisesheets API: Long Term Investments, Deferred Tax Assets, Other Assets, and Other Liabilities. Updated the DASHBOARD and KFS financial statements to reflect this change as well.
    • Added =TTM and =LFY shortcuts for LongTermInvestments, OtherAssets, DeferredTaxAssets, and OtherLiabilities. These shortcut names can be found in the "GUIDE" tab.
  • Updates
    • Made slight formatting and error-catching updates on IS, BS, and CFS tabs. Now works better for companies with less than 10 years of publicly available financial data.
    • Linked IS, BS, and CFS line item names to KFS. This reduces chances of errors.
    • Reduced sheet references on the KFS tab. Items that can be calculated manually without having to reference the IS, BS, or CFS tabs are done so (e.g., gross profit), and are reflected via the workbook's formatting guide.
    • Small header item that tells you what data is being represented as (e.g., "USD in Millions, except per-share data") is now dynamic, based on currency of inputted stock ticker and user-selected unit selector on DASHBOARD tab.
  • Fixed
    • Link on COVER is now clickable.
    • Input cells in column B in IS, BS, and CFS tabs are now editable (although it's recommended that you do not edit them).


February 17, 2023

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