Automated Stock Analysis Spreadsheet Roadmap

This page outlines the main features StableBread's Automated Stock Analysis Spreadsheet will build out in the future, which will be prioritized based on user feedback. Feel free to Contact Me if you have any other suggestions!

Valuation Models

  • Peter Lynch Stock Valuation Method.
  • Phil Town 10 Cap Method.
  • Reverse Discounted Cash Flow Valuation Model.
  • NetNet Method.
  • Earnings Power Value Valuation Method.
  • Katsenelson Absolute PE Valuation Model.
  • EBIT Valuation Model.
  • Dhando Framework Valuation Model.
  • Expected Returns Valuation Model.


  • Quality score ratios such as the Piostroski F Score, Altman Z Score (original and revised), Beneish M Score (5 variable and 8 variable).
  • Additional ratios not captured in the 75+ ratios currently provided.


  • 20-years of annual financial history data in financial statements.
  • Addition of quarterly financials.
  • Pre-set templates that you can reference/copy.
  • Ability to save static data spreadsheets.
  • More information on institutional ownership, insider ownership, short interest, and stock buybacks and issuance.
  • Dividend analysis tab.
  • Better financial statements for different industries (e.g., bank stocks).
  • Integrated automated analyst estimates.
  • Automated key market data.
  • Automatic links to SEC filings, call transcripts, and company news.
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