OpenInsider Scraper



This automated Google Sheet spreadsheet scrapes select data from OpenInsider and FINVIZ to provide insider trading information.

How to use:

  • To edit spreadsheet: FILE → MAKE A COPY
  • Type in any ticker that is on OpenInsider in cell A1 (where "ABBV" is currently). Everything else will automatically update.

Automated functions:

  • Columns for: Filing date, trade date, insider name, title, trade type, price, quantity, ownership, change in ownership, and total value (non-relevant columns are hidden).
  • Ticker name, index, sector, and industry

"Trade Type" key: (from OpenInsider)

  • A: Amended filing
  • D: Derivative transaction in filing (usually option exercise)
  • E: Error detected in filing
  • M: Multiple transactions in filing; earliest reported transaction date and weighted average transaction price
  • S - Sale: Sale of securities on an exchange or to another person
  • S - Sale+OE: Sale of securities on an exchange or to another person (after option exercise)
  • F - Tax: Payment of exercise price or tax liability using portion of securities received from the company
  • P - Purchase: Purchase of securities on an exchange or from another person

Video demonstration:

Note: Scripts can take time to load depending on size of the spreadsheet, where data is being sourced from, the number of active Google Sheets spreadsheets you have open, and Google servers...

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