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MarketWatch Analyst Estimates



This automated Google Sheet spreadsheet scrapes select data from MarketWatch, found under the "Analyst Estimates" tab for most publicly-traded companies.

How to use:

  • To edit spreadsheet: FILE → MAKE A COPY
  • Type in any ticker that is on MarketWatch in cell A1 (where "ABBV" is currently). Everything else will automatically update.

Automated functions:

  • Snapshot, stock price targets, FY EPS estimate trends, Q1/Q2 EPS estimate trends, yearly numbers, quarterly numbers, analyst ratings, and upgrades/downgrades.
  • Note that titles (i.e. "FY 2021 EPS Estimate Trends") will automatically update. Therefore, you will not need to update these titles each new quarter/year!

Video demonstration:

Note: Scripts can take time to load depending on size of the spreadsheet, where data is being sourced from, the number of active Google Sheets spreadsheets you have open, and Google servers...

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