Spreadsheet Macros Overview

There are currently three macro buttons included in StableBread's Automated Stock Analysis Spreadsheet, which are detailed below:

  1. Save PDF: Saves the current spreadsheet the button is on as a PDF. Automatically names it as the current spreadsheet's name. Prompts you to save the PDF somewhere (which is optional). The view it saves is based on pre-defined print views. As noted above, this macro does NOT work on Excel 365 for Mac. You can accomplish the same thing by navigating to File --> Save as PDF.
  2. Auto Fit Text: Only on the OVERVIEW tab. If you input a new stock ticker, the length of the company description may change. This button will therefore auto-fit the description perfectly in the cell range (H69:V69).
  3. Start Screener: Only on the SCREENER tab. References the data and labels on the SCREENER DATA tab, and the operators and value inputs on the SCREENER tab. Outputs all the stocks that meet the criteria(s) set.
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