Tab #19: Comparison

Stock comparison tab, where you can compare the stock ticker inputted in the OVERVIEW tab to 4 other stock tickers. You can see the differences between 60 different metrics/ratios/KPIs, as well as stock price performances. I also have a threshold-based color coding option, similar to what the KFR tab offers.

  • Security Comparison: Input the number of months back for the stock chart date range and visual. Do NOT enter a number greater than 120, as the BACKEND tab only supports 10 years of historical data (for performance purposes). Inputting a negative number or decimal may break the security comparison chart. You can also input up to 5 other publicly traded stock symbols to visualize the percent change since the start date. The data for this is outputted in the BACKEND tab.
    • NOTE: Google Sheets version does not feature the stock comparison chart, for performance purposes.
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