Tab #5: Balance Sheet (BS)

This sheet is the balance sheet (BS). It provides a breakdown of a company's net worth at point in time, which is its assets, liabilities, and stockholders' equity. You can also input estimates for the next twelve months (NTM), and also view horizontal and vertical analysis trends in more depth. More specifics on this sheet are included below:

  1. Balance Sheet Financials and Charts
    • The balance sheet presented is a standardized version that the Wisesheets API outputs. Therefore, this does not capture all of the detail you'd see in a company's 10-K or 10-Q balance sheet, just the most important components. By default, all financial data is presented in millions, except per share data, and goes back 10 years from the Analysis Year. The trailing twelve months (TTM) is also included, along with an option to input your next twelve months (NTM) estimates as well. You can also see the sparkline charts for every balance sheet line item.
  2. Balance Sheet Horizontal Analysis
    • Horizontal analysis lets investors evaluate growth for every balance sheet line item over a particular period.
  3. Balance Sheet Financials Distribution
    • Investors can reference the min, mean, median, and max columns to evaluate the normal distribution of the company's balance sheet line items, up to 10 years. Investors can also select any time period within the last 10 years and compare the min, mean, median, and max between these two dates, to get a better picture of historical or recent trends.
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