Tab #22: Backend

The BACKEND tab is used for backend calculations that do not require any inputs, but are vital for the workbook to function properly. Currently, this tab includes the following calculations:

  • 52-Week High/Low: This is used in the DASHBOARD tab as well as the COMPS tab.
  • Stock History Data: Shows the most recent closing stock price data, the closing stock price, the open price, the high price, the low price, and the volume. This information is referenced in the DASHBOARD tab.
  • Data Range Selection: This is where the model determines when the last actual date of historical financials is for a company, its last fiscal year, its calendar year, the number of available historical years, and the available valid years for the "Analysis Year" dropdown on the DASHBOARD tab. Key information from this section is shown at the top of the DASHBOARD tab, and is reflected across almost every tab in this workbook.
  • Historical Stock Prices: This is where the backend data for the company's stock chart and security comparison chart is located.
  • Key Financials, Long Key Ratios Labels, Short Key Ratios Labels: These are long filtered and sorted columns of data that act as the data source for the KFS, KFR, and short KFR dropdown options found across the workbook.
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